Giulio “Jules” Pampena is a drummer, singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal, Canada.  He started on drums at a very early age, absorbing a wide range of musical styles by jamming to his father’s wedding band rehearsal tapes.  He went on to study Jazz drums at Vanier College, where he was awarded the J.L. Big Band scholarship and selected to play the coveted "Yamaha Rising Stars” showcase at the Montreal International Drum Festival in 2004.    

Drawn into the bustling Montreal indie rock scene of the early 2000's, Jules co-founded his own band, Kamikaze Baby, where he produced and co-wrote 2 EPs and a full length record, Uptown VineRise.  KB toured Canada for several years, sleeping in vans, rocking college radio stations, and surfing couches, and then eventually disbanded in 2010.  

Shortly after the band’s break-up, Jules branched out and began doing session work with several artists in the Montreal area.  He drummed for Maple Music recording artist and producer, Nash, he co-founded a noisy punk-prog power trio called, Curious Case, and he recorded and toured the globe with Rishi Dhir’s sitar-charged psych-rock outfit, Elephant Stone.

In 2012, during an impromptu trip to Los Angeles, Jules crossed paths with guitarist/producer Daron Malakian of Grammy Award winning band, System of a Down.  Malakian was looking for a drummer for his own solo project, Scars on Broadway.  After one fateful audition up in the Glendale hills, Jules joined the band, relocated to LA and toured the US on a double bill with metal giants, Deftones.  He spent the next 3 years living and working in the Los Angeles music scene.  

In 2015 Jules returned to Montreal.  Armed with a plethora of studio and live experience, he began nurturing his love for writing and music production.  He produced a live online concert series for the Osheaga music festival, recording live concerts by international stars like, LP, Portugal the Man, and Billie Eilish to name a few.  

And all the while, Jules had been quietly working on his own solo project, Mangy Pride…  A journey which began in Switzerland, sometime in 2011, as a collection of home-made videos and musical sketches.  Jules would experiment with his own brand of blues and classic rock influenced songwriting, using amplified acoustic slide guitars, ethereal harmonica soundscapes, and raw, minimal percussion.  Manning all the instruments, vocals and production, and building makeshift studios everywhere from Swiss Bomb Shelters to abandoned Narcotics labs, Mangy Pride is a true DIY labour of love.  

During the 2020 lockdown, Jules reacted to the grinding halt of the music industry by serenading his audience via a cutting edge weekly live-streaming show called, Home on the Rangy TV.   The show ran for 12 consecutive weeks on YouTube and featured Mangy Pride original music alongside some choice covers, performed live from his home studio.  Jules is currently producing more Mangy Pride music and video content so be sure to visit the Mangy Pride website for updates.