released 13 June 2012
Dominic Cifarelli - guitar, mandolin, autoharp, lead vocals
Jules Pampena - drums, percussion, samples, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
Gianni Berretta - bass, backing vocals
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Pacheco.
Cover art by Gianni Berretta and Jules Pampena
Layout by Gianni Berretta

Filled with tales of possession, aggression and just plain weirdness, “Lucyfer’s Love Letter” is a colourfully abrasive collection of songs by Curious Case. This recording was made over the holidays during off hours at a Christmas lights warehouse in Montreal. Tracked live off the floor, with the help of sound engineer Joe Pacheco, the process was one full of laughter and unbridled creativity.  Check out “Video Diary – Lucyfer’s Love Letter” in the videos section for some great behind-the-scenes material.