Dominic Cifarelli - guitar, lead vocals
Jules Pampena - drums, backing vocals, samples
Gianni Berretta - bass, backing vocals
Recorded by Jules Pampena @ TTOD studios, Mtl
Mixed by Paul Pivetta
Cover art and layout by Gianni Berretta

This is the first Curious Case Ep.  It is the result of three very different worlds colliding… The searing technicality and hard edge of Dominic Cifarelli’s guitar playing meet the weighty drum grooves and stoner psychedelic stylings of Jules Pampena, all glued together by sludgy, slinky bass thumping and dry humour courtesy of Gianni Berretta.  An ambitious first release, recorded live, in one seamless 27 minute take that holds the listener captive aboard a careening roller coaster of musical madness.  Unconventional vocals, strange lyrical imagery, samples of homeless drunk rambling and excerpts from ethno-botanical lectures… not for the faint of heart.